Engagement. Technical Proficiency. Impact.

Rapid changes are happening in the electric, gas and water industries – more than ever before.

Innovations in technology, business models, and customer engagement platforms, as well as consumer demand for environmental sustainability, continue to influence a constantly shifting marketplace, and show no sign of slowing down.

But the one thing that hasn’t changed? Consumer demand for personalized service and human connection.

CMC understands this well. Our program management, field services, marketing and outreach teams have been personally engaging with utility customers for decades. Their approach: professional, technically proficient, and friendly. The result: deeper energy savings and happier customers for you.

Our Successes

Deeper Savings Goals with PECO Smart Ideas

Enhanced the capacity of more than 2,500 Trade Allies and contractors

The CMC team was tasked with delivering large-scale energy-efficiency savings, over 500GWhs, for the PECO Smart Equipment Incentives Commercial and Industrial (C&I) program in Phase II. These savings goals were achieved across multiple market segments and from projects of various sizes, technologies and solutions. The team also enhanced the capability of more than 2,500 Trade Allies and contractors to effectively promote the benefits of energy efficiency and advance the market for high-efficiency equipment and solutions throughout PECO’s service territory[…]

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Small Business Marketing Success

Achieved a 25% small business market penetration within three-year time frame

CMC successfully achieved PPL small business goals by designing with a series of multichannel, integrated marketing campaigns that targeted market segments with the greatest potential. Clean Markets worked closely with PPL Corporate Communications, PPL’s advertising agency, program implementer DNVGL and PPL stakeholders to launch the Direct Discount program and maintain momentum throughout the three-year period, achieving a 25% small business market penetration within that time. […]

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Brand Strategy for the NJCEP Portfolio

Directed nearly 7,750 unique visitors to program website through marketing campaigns

CMC helped New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program achieve deeper energy savings.

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Brand Awareness of the PGW EnergySense Program

Presented at more than 20 channel partner meetings and events

Established brand awareness for the PGW EnergySense Home Rebates Program in a cost-effective manner.

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Raising Awareness for Energy Best Practices

Increased program participation with 25% more builders in a two-year period

CMC developed and executed integrated marketing, public relations and direct outreach strategies with implementation partner Performance Systems Development to cost-effectively raise awareness of energy-efficient building practices in a rural service territory with limited new home construction activity and motivate new home builders to adopt those building practices and participate in the Pennsylvania Energy Efficient New Homes Program. As a result, program participation increased with 25% more builders in a two-year period. […]

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Creating a Better Learning Environment for NJ Students

Through the NJ Clean Energy Program, project payback was realized in less than 2 years

CMC Energy Services, on behalf of the New Jersey Direct Install (NJDI) program, implemented energy efficient equipment in High Bridge Elementary in High Bridge, NJ, resulting in a more productive staff and a safer environment for everyone. By participating in the NJ Clean Energy program the school is realizing an annual energy savings of approximately $22,000 which they plan to use towards other improvements like a new roof.[…]

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Large Office Building Energy Savings Achieved

Increased building efficiency with 70% of project costs covered by program incentives

CMC Energy Services, on behalf of the New Jersey Direct Install (NJDI) program, upgraded all of the lighting fixtures and exit signs in the building creating a safer, more modern and brighter environment for the employees while saving them an estimated annual energy savings of $30,000. Through the NJDI program, Jem Accessories, Inc. paid only 26% of the total project costs, which they will recover in less than 18 months.

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Building Momentum for Pennsylvania Low Income Multifamily Residences

CMC exceeds previous record of energy-saving audits and installations by 600%

Historically, tenants of low-income multifamily residences in Pennsylvania have not been able to take advantage of their electric utilities’ energy conservation initiatives as a result of limited coordination with utilities and building owners. CMC found a way to streamline the process, enabling faster, more responsive service for multifamily residences — creating five-figure savings at no cost to participants.

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Making a community safer and more energy-efficient.

In its largest lighting project ever, CMC Multifamily helps make much-needed improvements to Bridgeport residents

Over the years, outdoor lighting at Park City Communities’ Trumbull Gardens location had become increasingly unreliable and inefficient throughout the complexes 55 townhomes and two high-rise towers. Undertaking its largest single retrofit project, CMC set out to help residents reduce their utility costs, assist Park City in avoiding future maintenance costs and create a safer community environment.

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Making a Difference for the Residents of Scranton

CMC performs energy-saving installations in more than 1,300 units, helping non-profit housing authority cut costs.

Challenge WRAP, a PPL energy efficiency program helps residents reduce their energy use, lower their electricity bills and live more comfortably throughout the year. Available at no cost to eligible PPL customers, the program provides free energy-efficient measures such as LED light bulbs and advanced power strips, and has contributed significantly to the well-being of […]

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Residents in Riverview Now Enjoying Major Savings, Thanks to Two Energy Efficiency Programs

For the first time, CMC Energy Services implements WRAP energy saving measures in collaboration with LIURP for a central Pennsylvania community.

The Riverview Apartments located in Northumberland County, PA has 44 units across three separate low-rise apartment buildings within a single city block all of which are managed by the same property group. The property has electric water and heating which qualified it for PPL’s WRAP program. It was also noted that every unit in the […]

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