Increases in building efficiency and program incentives reduce project payback time to less than 18 months


  • A privately held corporation specializing in the manufacturing of accessories for home theater, mobile devices, home automation, and computers wanted to improve their working environment and reduce energy costs


  • CMC Energy Services NJ Direct Install team determined ways in which improved lighting and lighting fixtures would create a safer, more modern, and brighter environment for employees while saving on annual energy costs.

Program Implementation

  • Energy Efficient Lighting Retrofits:
    • Interior LED Lighting
    • Interior Fixture Replacements
    • Interior LED Exit Signs
  • Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling Upgrades:
    • One High-Efficiency Air Source Heat Pump
    • One High-Efficiency Gas-Fired Furnace and Electric Split System
  • HVAC Controls:
    • Low-Flow Aerators
    • Programmable Thermostats
    • Critical Success Factors
    • Results

Critical Success Factors

  • By participating in the NJ Direct Install program, the customer, Jem Accessories, Inc. is realizing an estimated annual energy savings of $30,481.45
  • With the incentives provided through the NJ Direct Install program covering nearly 70% of project costs, the project payback was reduced less than 18 months


  • Annual energy savings of 176,942 kWh and 275 Therms
  • NJ Direct Install incentives paid to Jem Accessories, Inc. of $81,477.05
  • Estimated annual energy savings of $30,481.45
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