Trained. Responsive. Adaptable.

Your utility’s reputation depends on your program delivering high quality installations that will guarantee energy savings year over year. Our expert field staff deliver quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) services for statewide and region-specific energy efficiency programs across the country.

Keeping up with quality control inspections can be a challenge as measurement requirements increase.

CMC’s QA/QC inspectors can help. In fact, our sector-specific teams of QA/QC inspectors are capable of assessing efficiency projects from all sector types. They’re able to meet the technical demands of virtually any type of program, adapt quickly to your evolving needs, and, when appropriate, install the corrective measures needed to deliver even more energy savings.

Our residential and multifamily quality inspectors are BPI- and ResNET-trained, and our commercial and industrial QA/QC team has Certified Energy Auditor or Certified Energy Manager training.

Their high levels of technical proficiency help ensure any work performed for your customers meets or exceeds utility program guidelines, manufacturer specs, and safety standards. And that means you can realize your program energy saving goals.

CMC is the QA/QC inspector across all sectors of Massachusetts’ statewide MASS SAVE program, Rhode Island’s statewide Energy Wise Programs and for ComEd’s residential and commercial programs in Illinois. CMC is performing inspections and QA/QC for the following type of customer programs: Single and Multifamily (Retrofit and New Construction), Large C&I, Small Business and Institutional. Learn more about the work CMC is doing for MASS SAVE.

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