WRAP, a PPL energy efficiency program helps residents reduce their energy use, lower their electricity bills and live more comfortably throughout the year. Available at no cost to eligible PPL customers, the program provides free energy-efficient measures such as LED light bulbs and advanced power strips, and has contributed significantly to the well-being of Pennsylvania residents since 1985. 

To help lower its energy costs and provide a more comfortable living environment for its residents, the Scranton Housing Authority decided to take advantage of WRAP, and contracted CMC Energy Services to perform the installation of the energy-efficient measures. There were, however, three challenges to overcome. 

First, CMC Energy Services had to win the hearts and minds of residents themselves. Second, they had to coordinate with local maintenance crews for each property to perform the installations as efficiently as possible, with minimal disruptions. And third, Scranton Housing Authority properties are master metered, multifamily buildings and they wanted to perform installations in every property so that every resident could benefit from the program. 


For each property, CMC Energy Services started with an outreach initiative, circulating flyers to every resident and posting signage outlining the benefits of having the installations performed, as well as speaking with the onsite maintenance staff to coordinate the scheduling. 

“Our goal was to be as unobtrusive to the residents as possible while performing what we believe was an important and valuable service,” says Sterry Mahaffey, Field Operations Supervisor with CMC Energy Services. “It’s very much a reflection of our belief in serving and supporting our communities.” 

Once the word went out, a CMC Energy Services field technician would schedule appointments with individual residents to do the installations. These included LED lights, sensor night lights, and advanced power strips with surge protectors that conserve energy. 

“There was sometimes a little hesitation with the residents when we would first come to a community,” says Jamie Lovinger, Field Technician at CMC Energy Services. “But in a couple of days, after people saw the benefits of the work we were doing, everyone became very receptive.” 


Over the course of thirteen months, CMC Energy Services performed installations in more than 1,300 residential units. A total of $130,000 worth of energy-saving measures were installed, resulting in more than $37,000 in yearly savings for the Scranton Housing Authority. 

“It was an absolute pleasure to do this every day,” says Jamie. “The opportunity to get to know the tenants, to hear their stories… I’m very proud to have been a part of it.” 

“The Scranton Housing Authority is a non-profit organization that services some of the more vulnerable people in our community, such as the elderly on fixed incomes,” says Sterry. “The savings we helped them realize because of our work is very, very gratifying. You feel you’re making a difference. You’re helping people. There’s a great deal of satisfaction in that.”

3,440 LED light bulbs installed 

525 Advanced power strips installed 

1344 Number of units serviced 

279,280 kWh Annual energy savings 

$37,702 Annual energy savings 

$284,200 Total value of equipment and services 

$0 Landlord contributions 

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