The Riverview Apartments located in Northumberland County, PA has 44 units across three separate low-rise apartment buildings within a single city block all of which are managed by the same property group. The property has electric water and heating which qualified it for PPL’s WRAP program. It was also noted that every unit in the community has its own water heater, and the residents are responsible for water heating costs themselves. 

WRAP, a PPL energy efficiency program, has helped thousands of income eligible residents make significant reductions to their electricity bills by reducing their energy usage. WRAP provides residents with free energy education and energy efficient measures such as LED light bulbs and nightlights, advanced power strips, low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators, and water heater pipe insulation. CMC Energy Services implements the Act 129 portion of PPL’s WRAP by installing energy efficient measures in communities throughout the PPL territory. 

PPL’s Low-Income Usage Reduction Program (LIURP) program provides additional energy efficient measures such as air sealing, insulation, and air leakage assessments for homes that are electrically heated. 


The primary challenge was to plan and coordinate the implementation and delivery of services between two programs and the property manager with minimal disruption to residents. The Riverview Apartments is the first time two programs, WRAP and LIURP have combined efforts to maximize services on a multifamily project. 


To overcome this challenge, the evaluation, installation and inspection processes were all successfully coordinated with property management, residents through an assigned point of contact for both programs. Signage was displayed, and flyers were distributed to each residential unit providing an overview of both program’s benefits. 


The effort to collaborate provided Riverview residents with a full scope of energy efficient measures. A total of 41 units filled out the audit applications to take advantage of both programs. At the end of each audit, the technician provided paperwork listing the measures that were installed as well as additional energy saving behaviors. 

“Residents experienced additional savings from the water-saving measures for their own individual water heating costs. While the property manager saw a substantial decrease in the water and sewer bills as a result of the installed showerheads, faucet aerators, and pipe insulation measures,” said Dominic Carmeci, WRAP Field Technician. 

457 LED light bulbs installed 

535 Energy efficient water saving measures installed 

41 Number of units serviced 

1,041 kWh Average energy savings per unit 

$225.93 Value of items installed per unit 

$2,700 Annual energy savings for property 

759 Total kWh savings for 1.0 GPM aerators 

6,825 Total kWh savings for 1.5 GPM aerators 

10,800 Total kWh savings for 1.5 GPM showerheads 

$15,496 Value of services CMC Energy provided 

$0.36 Average cost per kWh saved 

$0 Landlord contributions 

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