CMC identified marketing differentiation as primary motivation for builders.


  • Cost-effectively raise awareness of energy-efficient building practices in a rural service territory with limited new home construction activity
  • Motivate new home builders to adopt those building practices and participate in the Pennsylvania Energy Efficient New Homes Program


  • Develop and execute integrated marketing, public relations and direct outreach strategies with implementation partner Performance Systems Development
  • Motivate builders by raising market visibility of high-performing program participants

Program Implementation

  • Facilitated focus groups of program participants within the target market
  • Established relationships with building trade leaders and community partners
  • Integrated focus group feedback into marketing tactics including press outreach materials, content for trade association communications, direct mail campaigns and program marketing collateral
  • Integrated focus group feedback into the program requirements redesign
  • Developed and placed targeted print and digital advertising campaigns
  • Partnered with builders to develop advertising and article content featuring each firms’ unique approach to energy-efficient home construction

Critical Success Factors

  • Identified market differentiation as the primary motivation for builders to exceed code requirements


  • Increased program participation with 25% more builders in a two-year period
  • Authored 9 articles published in 20 trade and news publications across Pennsylvania
  • Pitched three article topics successfully published as feature stories in local newspapers
  • Engaged nearly 50 channel partners including trade associations, government entities, code officials, REALTORs, appraisers and HVAC supply houses

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