There are energy-saving opportunities in every New Jersey home—and CMC Energy Services knows how to find them.

We can connect you to incentives, rebates, and programs that help you to save energy and money.

How it Works

CMC Energy Services make energy efficiency programs and services easier to understand and access. In partnership with your utility company, our expert energy advisors will help you to make energy-saving choices that are the best match for you and your home.

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Energy-Saving Options

Throughout New Jersey, many different energy efficiency programs and services are available. Here are some of the big ones, most likely to fit the needs of you and your home.

Home Weatherization

Free, fast, and easy: for income-qualified customers, a great way to improve your home’s energy efficiency, safety, and comfort.

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Quick Home Energy Check-up

Expert advice to take the hassle out of energy efficiency: we’ll find the little things all around your home that can add up to some big savings.

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New Jersey Comfort Partners

It’s easy to spend more than you need to on your home energy bills. For income-eligible customers: a statewide program offering free energy efficiency products and services.

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Energy Check for Multi-Family Homes

For property managers: a quick and convenient way to start reducing your energy costs.

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Looking for other options? Here’s a more comprehensive list of energy-saving programs and services available throughout New Jersey.

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Why Choose CMC

CMC Energy Services is an award-winning, women-owned company that has been delivering energy savings for families and businesses for more than 40 years, throughout the northeast and beyond. Customers count on us to get the job done and public utility companies prize our expertise and leadership.

"CMC did an awesome job of reducing my home energy costs. Their expert advice made a big difference – and they explained everything in a way that was very easy to understand. I highly recommend what they have to offer!"

Lawrenceville, NJ

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