Reaching Our Customers During COVID-19:

CMC Energy’s Virtual Energy Assessments

During these unprecedented times, CMC Energy Services has developed Virtual Energy Assessments (VEA) to continue providing valuable services to its customers while significantly reducing risk for both customers and employees.

The VEA allows customers to work directly with a dedicated Energy Advisor to develop a customized savings strategy. The VEA also creates meaningful opportunities to communicate with the most isolated and vulnerable customers and allows CMC Energy Advisors to offer real time referral assistance to those in need.

What customers can expect

Currently, CMC has conducted more than 1,000 Virtual Energy Assessments through a series of pilot programs in the Pennsylvania, Illinois, Long Island (NY) and New England areas.

The VEAs provide an opportunity to engage with customers who are interested in home energy assessments and will be conducted through Google Duo, Zoom, or video chat.

Watch to learn more about CMC’s VEAs.

Dependent upon which program you are enrolled in, customers will receive various assessments measures, including:

Energy Efficiency Savings: Allow participating customers to receive instant savings opportunities for products, such as LED lighting and advanced power strips.

Upgrades & Rebates: Recommendations for upgrades and rebate offers for appliances, materials and services.

Enhanced Energy Education: Energy education tips that focus on consumer electronics and other areas of increasing energy usage during this time.

Community Webinars: Educational webinars with interactive question and answers, and will provide referral information and contact information.

Surveys: Email and/or phone surveys to record customer satisfaction of the virtual assessment.

Energy Reports

Virtual energy reports that discuss the opportunities identified during visit.

Energy Kits

Provide kits to residents that may include educational materials, LED bulbs, power strips and more.

Virtual QA/QC

Virtual inspections for previously treated customers

Ready for your Virtual Energy Assessment? Contact us today to schedule your VEA and learn more about measures and eligibility

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