In a high-volume utility program environment, windows of opportunity close quickly if you can’t easily and accurately share timely information. That’s why we developed our Energy Reduction Management System (ERMS).

Energy Reduction Management System

A comprehensive digital platform, accessible from any desktop or mobile device, ERMS helps improve program efficiency, shorten customer response time, and uncover insights that can help your program grow. Users spend less time gathering data and more time using data to solve problems. Data capture, analysis and storage capabilities include:

  • Streamlined workflow bridges the work of program managers, field personnel, customer services representatives, and other partners to produce a seamless, shared unified view of current information.
  • Intuitive interface encourages client engagement, making it easier to collect and analyze data, spot trends, and build forecasts.
  • Robust data integrity collects data consistently and correctly, avoiding input errors and lowering program management expenses.
  • Time-saving automation incorporates powerful automation features to speed data collection, allowing field personnel to focus on serving customers.
  • Instant analysis and coordination generates on-the-spot reports, real-time audit results, instant Trade Ally work orders and schedules, and more.
  • Seamless integration of Customer Care Center and customer work flow data improves program implementation and delivers more value for customers.

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