Measurable Results. Immeasurable Rewards.

You and your customers can expect unmatched success with home energy savings and comfort.

CMC has long demonstrated the capacity to meet and surpass program goals for our utility and government agency clients—and to do it cost effectively.

“On August 8th your Heating contractor installed a new furnace in my home through your plan. I would like to say how wonderful they were. The technicians were very prompt, courteous, very knowledgeable, and professional. I would recommend them 100% to anyone who needed any heating or air conditioning work.”
— Deborah Gullo, homeowner

You and your customers or constituents should expect the same sorts of success that you can see in our independent program evaluations and homeowner letters.

We have won awards for our work—earned for our results, energy audit honesty and accuracy, low-income program quality, and more.

Results are even behind our self-imposed, independent quality control inspection service, which is unlike any other initiative we know of in the industry. We inspect more than the industry average, and we use metrics to constantly revise our processes and improve quality.

So if you want program results that you can document—real home energy cost savings and noticeable improvements in home comfort — you want CMC Energy Services to work with you and your homeowners.

Contact us to learn more about our past results and how we can help you succeed, too.