Did you know every CMC employee has a superpower that can protect the company and yourself?

That’s right every CMC employee can help form a human firewall to help protect CMC from cybercriminals. This month’s safety training focuses on steps each of us can take to prevent cybercrimes.

Before we get to your superpower, let’s think about why does CMC—and every other business—invest so much into raising awareness about cybercrimes?

Here’s a few reasons:

  • There has been an 80 percent increase in cyberattacks on companies in the last year.
  • Organizations face a cyberattack on average every 11 seconds.
  • Global cybercrimes cost companies $8.2 million per minute.

Not surprisingly, the easiest way to gain illegal access to a company is through humans. You and I. So, what can we do? That’s where the human firewall comes into play. A human firewall is made up of people who block threats like malware, ransomware and phishing attacks. Here are five traits that can help us become human firewalls:

  • Think before clicking. Make sure you carefully review any attachments to emails before clicking on them. Do you know the sender?
  • Practicing situational awareness. Remember free Wi-Fi access could be a trick to access your work or personal information.
  • Protecting assets. Don’t leave your computer unattended anywhere. That can lead to cybercriminals accessing vital information.
  • Report incidents immediately. If you receive a phishing attempt or accidently click on a file that is suspicious, report it immediately. That may prevent an attack on the company or minimize damage.
  • Always follow company policies. Familiarize yourself with CMC’s rules for computer use.

You’ll find these tips and more in this month’s cybersecurity safety training. Let’s get 100 percent completion for this vital training and learn how we all can use our superpowers.

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