Thank you to everyone who participated in the Town Hall Meeting on July 8 featuring Tina Bennett, CMC President and CEO, and Leila Banihani, Vice President of Operations. The pair discussed CMC’s recovery from COVID-19 and how it is impacting programs across the business. Blaine Fox, Senior Director of Business Development, Lisa Stotts, CFO and Yvette Brown, Senior Director, Marketing and Commercial Services also joined the meeting to answer Q&A.

“We are clearly on the road to recovery from COVID-19 since the business shutdowns we experienced in late March,” Bennett said. “Every step we’ve taken has been with an eye to keeping our team together. Also, I wanted to say thank you for your focus on your health and safety.”

“We are projecting a near full recovery in all programs by the fall, barring another COVID-19 virus relapse that causes another round of business shutdowns,” she continued. “Even if there is a relapse, our new safety protocols and remote approaches will better position us to weather the storm. My biggest hope is that soon we’ll be back in full growth, embracing new opportunities.”

Bennett shared a few of CMC’s exciting and noteworthy achievements since COVID-19 practically shutdown the nation, including investing in CMC’s employees through nearly 4,500 hours of training, education and skills development completed to date on a variety of topics; incorporating innovative program approaches like Virtual Energy Assessments; and developing a comprehensive COVID-19 safety program with protocols and training to keep our staff and customers safe.

Banihani opened her remarks by thanking the numerous teams and employees who helped make our transition from on site and in the office work to remote and virtual work so successful. She thanked IT, HR, the recovery team who ordered PPE and everyone else who offered innovative and creative solutions that have allowed CMC to continue its meaningful work.

“Generally, it looks like all field teams should be in the field by the end of this month, which is great news,” she said.

Bennett closed the Town Hall Meeting by thanking the entire CMC family for weathering this challenging and uncertain situation.

Banihani added, “You have all done a great job building your skills by taking advantage of the training, supporting each other and coming up with incredibly innovative ideas to keep us working and out in front. It hasn’t been easy, but we are doing it.”

If you were unable to attend the Town Hall, please click here for a replay of the meeting.

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