Although these “joyful” co-workers weren’t the lucky winners of the CMC Culture Club drawing last month, they are still worthy of a shout-out. Below is a list of all the employees and the people who nominated them.

There were so many positive comments that we’ll include a few here and save some for future editions of the CMConnect. If you didn’t get a chance to salute a peer for Bringing the Energy, Creating a Joyful Workplace, don’t worry. You can send an email to and they may appear in an upcoming CMConnect.

Marc Gross

“I work as a field tech in Philly. It’s a difficult job at the best of times, but whenever I call up and get Marc Gross on the phone it’s a joy. We have great banter and he understands what we’re doing out here. Honestly all the CC reps deserve all the praise. But in particular Marc. He’s a great guy to get in the phone. Just brings a smile to my dial,” said nominator Glen Kellett.

Emily Delaney

“I nominate Emily Delaney HR representative for being a constant source of joy and optimism at work,” said nominator Gigi Ghoneim.


Gaytri Mehta

“This is a difficult choice to make because honestly there are so many people that I could nominate. I joined CMC in March of 2021 and since then I have met so many people that bring me so much joy.  A few of those names are Patti Cagide, Dorian Jenkins, Zeinab El-Chebli, Marilyn Trochez.  There is one person though that from the moment we met I knew we would be a great team and that is Gayatri Mehta. Gayatri has been with the Company 15 years and has so much knowledge.  I truly feel blessed to be on the same team with her.  Gayatri always has a smile, a kind word, is encouraging and as many questions as I ask her, she has never made me feel like I am bothering her or asking a stupid question – she truly represents the definition of creating a joyful workplace. I would like to nominate Gayatri Mehta as the person who inspires me and bring joy to my days,” said nominator Sharon Burch.



And the nominees are:

  1. Ian Andrews, nominated by Mari-Ivette Ortiz
  2. Maddi Arnott, nominated by Bryan Munley
  3. Melissa Calloway, nominated by Angela Stewart
  4. Mike Campanelli, nominated by Melissa Kaufman
  5. Emily Delaney, nominated by Gigi Ghoneim AND Chris Martini
  6. Tom Dochat, nominated by Bob Ellis
  7. Patricia Forero, nominated by Anna Shugoll
  8. Marc Gross, nominated by Glen Kellett
  9. Dorian Jenkins, nominated by Jene Powell
  10. Kendall Johnson, nominated by Georges Cohen
  11. Sofia Jurema, nominated by Zachary Popkin
  12. Melinda Kelley, nominated by Nancy Poulimenos
  13. Chris Martini, nominated by Emily Delaney
  14. Sean McAuley, nominated by Megan Aurora O’Connor
  15. Gayatri Mehta, nominated by Sharon Burch
  16. Oscar Paredes, nominated by Jeremy Soroka
  17. Marie Pontarelli, nominated by Fred Maher
  18. Elba Ramos, nominated by Tanishia Golden
  19. Sunday Ross, nominated by Steven Rust
  20. Esther Santiago, nominated by Isaac Torres
  21. Susan Santor, nominated by Chris Graham
  22. Kevin Terry, nominated by Joyletta White
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