Slips, trips and falls are typically thought of as not serious, slightly embarrassing and we’re quick to jump up and brush it off. But, these accidents are among the leading causes of occupational injuries and the second largest cause of accidental death. These accidents can be much more serious than we think and can be prevented with some simple preparation work. Let’s find out how.

Tripping typically is due to clutter or obstacles in walkways. Slipping involves the presence of moisture or some other liquid. Good housekeeping and preventive maintenance in the workspace can include:

  • Remove any obstacles or tools from common walkways.
  • Store equipment, tools and materials properly.
  • Secure items on shelving if heavy or unstable.
  • Dispose of all trash into the proper receptacle.
  • Sweep dust or other residues that accumulate.
  • Don’t rush. When you rush you have less time to react to an obstacle.
  • If a chemical spill has occurred, know how to handle this hazard. If needed, evacuate the area to prevent additional injuries.
  • And remember… fix the entryway mat instead of stepping over it! We are all guilty of this one.

CMC has specific policies and equipment in place to help clean up spills. Talk to your manager about specific policies in place.

The correct shoe choice can solve most slip and fall problems. If your shoe tread is worn out, it’s time for new shoes. Leather or other smooth-soled shoes cannot gain proper traction on wet or gravel surfaces. When off-the-clock, be careful wearing flip-flops on smooth surfaces.

If you have any slip, trip and fall issues in your workplace, report them to CMC immediately. By bringing them to everyone’s attention, these hazards can more properly be identified and mitigated. Look out for your fellow team members and have a safe September.

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