The pandemic may have disrupted CMC’s usual in-home or in-business energy assessment process, but CMC’s agility has propelled us to create virtual energy assessments to help customers save energy and money.

Currently, CMC has virtual energy offerings in Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Illinois. We also are offering virtual QA/QC services in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. By going virtual with our work, CMC can continue providing valuable services to customers while significantly reducing the risk of virus transmission for both customers and employees.

“In Connecticut, virtual pre-assessments benefit the business in a variety of ways,” said Joe Roy, Connecticut Branch Manager. “In the short term, it provides work for a few of our employees and helps convert inventory to cash to support our business. In the long term, I foresee self-installation packages evolving with the needs of the industry.

“As electrification takes hold, there will likely be more of a focus on demand-side energy management, where kits may replace light bulbs with smart devices, like smart plugs for example,” he added. “As always, I’m confident that CMC will be out in front in providing innovative solutions for our customers. Look how fast we were able to pivot across the company in offering virtual assessments!”

“Doing virtual assessments is great because they help me gather valuable information about the customer’s home without having to physically be there,” said Manny Torres, Lead Technician, CMC Connecticut.

“It helps me identify potential challenges or health and safety issues, which allows us to know what we’re walking into down the line,” he continued. “Of course I miss being able to interact with people during this time, but I think that virtual assessments are a great and innovative tool to help serve our customers.”

CMC’s efforts to help customers reduce their bills may be even more important this summer because above-normal temperatures are forecasted for the nation’s northeastern quarter. That could lead to higher cooling bills while simultaneously nearly one in four Americans experienced a loss of income or job due to COVID-19.

“It is important to offer virtual pre-assessments right now as it’s a way to keep our customers engaged, while provided instant energy savings in the form of a self-installation package,” Roy said. “Many customers are seeing financial hardships combined with an increase in utility bills due to being home because of COVID-19. This program helps offset some of those costs for our customers during a time of need.”

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