Tina Bennett, CMC President & CEO, opened the April 20 Town Hall by thanking all CMC employees for their hard work this past year, despite the many challenges that we endured due to COVID-19.

“We have a lot to be grateful for and celebrate as we look at the past year’s accomplishments,” Bennett said. “Across the organization, we maintained a steady course that allowed CMC to thrive and be safe throughout this historic pandemic – allowing us to end our fiscal year strong.”

The Senior Leadership Team was joined by the group’s newest member Rich Laucella, Chief Information Officer (CIO).

Members of the Senior Leadership Team touched on CMC’s values and provided an update to the organization’s mission statement, which now will include the word “equitable.” By adding equitable, CMC is  acknowledging the world’s economic disparities and bringing energy equity to the forefront, explained Yvette Brown, Senior Director, Marketing Services.

CMC’s updated mission statement is CMC empowers our communities through energy efficiency and clean energy for a more comfortable, affordable, and equitable future.

Leila Banihani, Vice President, Operations, drew the connection between employees work and the company’s values. For example, in 2020, CMC lived its value of Nurturing Our Planet by decreasing carbon emissions by more than 130 million pounds. Although that was below our goal, it still represents a meaningful reduction. This reduction is equivalent to removing the yearly emissions of 12,786 cars, totaling nearly 147 million driven miles.

Blaine Fox, Senior Director, Business Development, reported on the strength of our business and the significant wins for Business Development, including PECO’s residential portfolio and commercial and industrial contracts, PSE&G low-income, multifamily, and Quick Home Energy Checkup (QHEC) programs, and other New Jersey program contracts.

Along with the business growth, CMC has expanded its team – with the addition of 58 new employees and the promotions of 45 co-workers to new positions. In the coming months, CMC will add nearly 100 new jobs to support our increase in business.

In response to our growing business, CMC opened several offices this past year. We opened new offices in Philadelphia and the Poconos, with plans for new spaces in Connecticut and New Jersey to accommodate our growing teams.

Lisa Stotts, Chief Financial Officer, shared information that CMC is beginning to plan for re-opening its offices.

“Although we don’t know when we will fully re-open CMC’s offices, we are taking a measured approach to employees returning to our offices safely,” Stotts said.

Before taking questions from employees, Bennett shared CMC’s 2022 goals that will set the direction this year.

  • Execute to ensure the financial health, growth and stability of CMC through meeting our budget goals, strong program execution and delivery, the successful start-up of new programs and continuing to build new business.
  • Develop the organization to support a healthy expansion of the business by continuing to implement our new organizational structure, expanding and developing our team, and focusing on smooth onboarding of new employees.
  • Develop and execute on technology and innovation strategies to improve our competitiveness by investing in technologies that will improve the way we engage customers and access and analyze data to make our work easier and more efficient.
  • Fulfill CMC’s commitment being United in our I.D.E.A.s by conducting a third-party assessment to evaluate our policies and procedures and investing in additional Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access training and awareness for managers and employees.
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