After being locked down for most of 2020, this year allowed us to think about travel once again whether that be by car, plane or train. And it feels good to travel! I’m not sure about you, but it’s nice to get a change of scenery.

With destinations in mind, there are a few travel safety tips we should all be reminded of to stay safe (and have fun) wherever we go.

1) Research your destination and have a solid itinerary
In a post-COVID world, many rules and regulations have changed. It’s beneficial to know what restrictions or changes have been made so your travel plans run as smoothly as possible. For instance, the FAA has mandated masks in every airport in the United States, and the TSA is having trouble staffing security. Long lines and new regulations are common so plan ahead.

2) Remember hotel safety lessons
Staying safe in a hotel room can be overlooked. Even if you found a nice hotel, that doesn’t mean you can stop taking extra precautions. Locking your doors and keeping windows closed, especially when you’re away or while you’re in the bathroom, is the best room safety measure to take. Also, don’t invite new acquaintances back to your room. A new “friend” you met at the hotel bar is still a stranger and could cause problems if left unattended.

3) Always bring a map
Technology is great, that’s a fact. But when traveling (and in unfamiliar territory) you don’t need your phone or tablet to die, usually at the worst time. Having a map can provide you with a safety net when service or battery life are at a minimum. You can also find new and exciting areas to explore which may not have come across your phone. Humans have used maps for navigation for thousands of years, why stop now?

Staying safe while traveling requires preparation. By doing regular research on your destination, you can eliminate many unexpected problems that might arise. For the most up-to-date travel tips and advisories, check out the U.S. Department of Transportation website.

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