One of the things I like most about my position at CMC is the opportunity to provide good living-wage jobs that allow people to support themselves and their families.

The residential energy-efficiency sector in particular offers skilled entry-level jobs that provide good wages and benefits. And it is always a pleasure to watch when employees take entry-level jobs and then grow and take on more and more responsibility. Some of our employees for whom this is true include:

  • Mike Waller, who started as a scheduler in 2010, and was promoted to scheduling team leader in 2011.
  • Michelle Tyson, who started as a temporary worker in 1992 and is now the company’s IT training manager.
  • Shaun Loyer, who started as an auditor in our New Jersey office in 2009 and was promoted to auditor supervisor in 2012.
  • Denise Stein, who joined us more than 20 years ago as an office manager and is now director of operations.

Our people are dedicated to the company and its mission. Watching them thrive is enormously gratifying and rewarding. We try as much as possible to provide training so our employees have the opportunity to grow.

Providing good benefits is also important for employees and their families. After the economic downturn of 2008, many companies discontinued 401(k) matches and increased employee contributions to medical plans. The owners of CMC decided to take a different path and continued the company 401(k) match and absorbed medical increases because they wanted to make sure our employees could take care of their families now and in the future.

I realize there is always more we can do, but we are striving to do the very best we can to recognize and reward the many contributions our employees make to CMC, to their communities and to the planet.

Eileen McGinnis

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