Since January 2017, Lisa Stotts has been serving as chief financial officer at CMC Energy Services, based in Fort Washington, Pa, with locations in Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. Stotts’ decades-long career spans several appointments as CFO and vice president of finance for multi-million dollar companies, in addition to extensive accounting leadership experience for Marriott International, Inc.

Stotts, who earned her undergraduate degree in accounting from the University of Maryland and an MBA from St. Joseph’s University, says she chose CMC for its distinct mission and tradition of being women owned and women operated. Founded in 1977 by Doris Ikle, CMC Energy Services designs and implements energy efficiency programs for more than 20 utilities. The company continues to be certified as a women-owned business by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

CMC Energy Services will be the first WEBENC company Stotts has led, and she’s delighted. “What attracted me first and foremost is the mission,” says Stotts. “Helping people, the ratepayers, especially low-income customers, that was meaningful for me. I can do what I do anywhere, but at CMC people are top of mind for senior leadership and our board.”

Prior to joining CMC, Stotts consulted with CMF Associates in Philadelphia and in that capacity served as interim chief financial officer for various companies. Previously she served as chief financial officer for Soleo Healthcare, formerly Biomed, in Sharon Hill, Pa. She also spent nearly a decade at Maxwell Systems, Inc., in King of Prussia, leading the finance and accounting department as vice president.

Her early career was spent at Marriott International, Inc. in Washington, D.C. supporting hotel operations and maximizing profitability. It was at Marriott, where Stotts cultivated her strength in customer relations. CMC Energy Services has invested significantly in its customer services capacity; most recently in a newly implemented customer care center. She points to Marriott founder J. Willard Marriott for the sage counsel she learned as a Marriott manager and continues to practice today: “Take care of associates and they’ll take care of your customers.”

But joining a company whose tagline is “Conserving Energy, Preserving the Future,” is also compelling for Stotts. “Regardless of what you might believe about global warming, we all understand the diminishing resources of our planet,” she says. “At CMC, we’re acting responsibly. There’s a big education component to what we do. When auditors go out to a home, they teach many things homeowners never knew.”

While new to the energy industry, Stotts notes that her inherently curious nature is an asset to the company on pace for continued growth. In 2015, the company acquired Competitive Resources, Inc., which has recently been rebranded as CMC Energy Services. “One of the things I bring to the table is a different way of looking at things,” says Stotts, who is also a committed marathon competitor. “By nature, I question everything to learn, but also to think about process at the very core.”

On the connection between professional success and long-distance running, Stotts says both require stamina. “My perspective on running is that it creates a balance,” she explains. “I am able to unplug completely and focus on the training required to meet the challenges of running half and full marathons. This is very consistent with the persistence required for change, keep a steady pace and remember it’s not a sprint.”

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