This summer, the yearlong celebration of CMC Energy Services’ 40th anniversary began with a special ribbon‐cutting ceremony, held at the new Fort Washington, Pennsylvania location.

Founded on October 13, 1977 by energy innovator Doris Iklé, CMC has been a women‐owned and women‐operated enterprise ever since. Doris’ daughter Mimi Iklé‐Khalsa, CMC’s current owner and board chair, and Eileen McGinnis, CMC president and CEO, offered inspiring remarks during the event about CMC’s pioneering leader and about the passionate people now working at all levels and all locations throughout the company.

Excerpts from the book that captures the extraordinary existence of CMC’s founder, “Doris Iklé A Life Well Lived”—copies are available to employees to borrow at each location—were also read to the crowd during the ceremony.

“The point for today, really the intention is to celebrate new beginnings,” said Iklé‐Khalsa. “It’s to familiarize you with our board, our wonderful, amazing board, and secretary. It’s to be able to give reflection to the fact that this is a new beginning for CMC. It’s a new home for CMC and ideally it’s a home that serves you a lot better…It’s been five years since my mom passed and it’s a time for me personally to reflect on my mom Doris Iklé.”

Doris, which means “gift” in Greek, was remembered for her affection for natural beauty with the gifts of a garden archway, wind chimes, and bird feeder at the entrance of the Pinetown Road location to inspire employees as they enter work each day. In the coming weeks, CMC employees will learn of other ways to celebrate the company milestone, including an upcoming industry panel discussion being planned for this fall.

In the meantime, full footage of the ribbon‐cutting ceremony can be viewed on the CMC YouTube channel

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