Whether you like American football or soccer, most coaches would agree that the best defense is a good offense. That’s why CMC’s Chief Information Officer Paul Mackay is leading an offensive attack on cybersecurity.

This month all CMC employees will be assigned a series of trainings on cybersecurity from KnowBe4 to increase our awareness of the many ways people attempt to attack companies electronically. KnowBe4 is one of the nation’s leading security awareness  and training solutions, offering engaging and helpful education on battling cyberattacks.

Paul Mackay, CMC CIO
Paul Mackay, CMC Chief Information Officer

“In almost all companies the greatest vulnerability in the cybersecurity world is the end-user — you and I,” Mackay said. “Cybercriminals are looking to harm you or your company, no matter its size, with the intent of stealing thousands of dollars or disrupting the services provided.

“Education and awareness training is critical to help CMC build a ‘human firewall’ against cyberattacks,” he added. “This training can become CMC’s greatest defense.”

Each employee will receive individually designed training to increase awareness of a variety of cybersecurity issues such as phishing, which typically is a fake email designed to get people to provide personal information. Another type of attack is a Trojan horse, which attempts to gain access to a company’s network to install malware that may give the intruders access to a company’s sensitive data.

“CMC’s training coincides with National Cybersecurity Awareness Month,” Mackay said. “Although CMC has done a good job of fending off cyberattacks, you can never say your work is done.

“Being cyber aware means that you are always monitoring the threat landscape and adapting your policies and procedures,” he added. “This month is a golden opportunity to increase the level of awareness across the organization. Technology is no longer the only means of defense, everyone needs to play their part.”

To make the training even more engaging, all employees who finish their assignments by November 2 will be entered into a drawing to win a $25 gift card—ONE for each office!

Mackay said that CMC’s cybersecurity training will be an ongoing effort.

“Just as hackers change their tactics regularly, CMC must continually stay on top of our cybersecurity training,” Mackay said, noting that there will be additional training offered in the coming months and tests to reinforce the training we’ve received.

“The bottom line is this training is as helpful for your personal cybersecurity as it is for the company’s security,” Mackay concluded. “Employees will learn ways to safeguard their personal information and the company’s. Working together, we can provide a stronger defense. And, remember, if you see something suspicious, let IT know.”

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