In honor of National High-Tech month, CMC is highlighting its implementation of Aeroseal in Connecticut to help enhance the lives of participants. Aeroseal, a patented technology, helps homes become more energy efficient by sealing holes in the air ducts of heating and cooling systems without the need to remove dry wall or break into walls to find leaky air ducts, which can add thousands of dollars to a duct-sealing project.

Typically, air ducts in homes leak between 20 – 40 percent leading to a waste of 530 trillion BTUs annually, according to industry sources. Additionally, Aeroseal technology improves the performance of heating and cooling systems, while helping remove air-borne pollutants from homes and providing substantial health and safety benefits. This is especially impactful for those with asthma and other health conditions.

CMC acquired ECS Aeroseal of Connecticut in October 2018 to bolster its energy efficiency offerings in Connecticut, and is currently conducting a pilot program in Philadelphia, PA.

Learn more about Aeroseal and why it’s a great energy solution for your home or business.

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