CMC Energy Services, Inc. (CMC) is pleased to announce the promotion of Leila Banihani to Vice President of Operations. In this new role, Banihani will oversee all programs at CMC, representing multiple utilities in multiple states.

CMC’s 23 energy efficiency programs represent utility clients across six states, from Maryland to Massachusetts, and include the country’s #1 ranked energy efficiency program by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy and the top-rated utility in the east region for customer satisfaction by J.D. Power. Based in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, CMC Energy Services has offices in Cranbury, New Jersey, Yalesville, Connecticut, and Westborough, Massachusetts. CMC employs nearly 200 experienced energy professionals and quality control technicians companywide holding over 150 technical certifications and BPI certifications.

A Six Sigma Green Belt and former supply chain analyst from PSEG Services Corporation, Banihani joined CMC in 2011. She has a bachelor’s of science in organizational management from Thomas Edison State University and completed the Wharton School of Business’s Executive Development Program at the University of Pennsylvania.

Banihani says CMC is the right fit for her professionally because she admires the company’s history of being women-owned and operated as well as its strong innovative spirit.

“The fact that we’re so nimble and flexible is a strength utilities see in CMC,” notes Banihani. “Over the years we’ve expanded and grown our team of program managers and technical staff that utilities count on to advise them on best practices, industry trends, and program design.”

According to CMC President and CEO Eileen McGinnis, CMC is fortunate to have someone as talented as Banihani. “Since she arrived at CMC, Leila has assumed more and more responsibility and has handled all of her many responsibilities with skill and grace. The promotion is an acknowledgment of her many contributions to CMC, and my belief, as well as CMC owner Mimi Ikle-Khlasa’s that Leila will make significant contributions to the company in the years to come.”

Banihani enjoys techy things and understanding how things work, and knew at a young age that she’d work in operations. “I like to solve problems and fix things,” she says. “I’m not afraid of trying new ways to solve problems, even if sometimes they don’t work.”

This can-do attitude has also led to her personal interest in fixing up used cars. CMC’s mission of making the environment healthier has also made an impact on Banihani’s mode of transportation: she traded in her Yukon XL for a Lexus Hybrid. “I reduced my own carbon footprint by a lot.”

Banihani brings to work her enthusiasm to accomplish complicated tasks through steady perseverance and positive thinking. She’s helped create an environment at CMC that celebrates small wins to get to big goals. With the gongs she has displayed in her offices in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, she rings out and pays respect to progress both big and small.  Banihani has also been known to deliver celebratory renditions of songs upon request for her team when major milestones are achieved with unabashed enthusiasm.

“We spend so much of our day together at work, more time than our family. I want people to enjoy being at work and enjoy being part of something bigger.”

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