In a fitting holiday twist, CMC’s Joyletta White was selected as the latest winner of the CMC Culture Club drawing for her efforts toward Bringing the Energy, Creating a Joyful Workplace. Amazingly, Joy also was nominated five times by her peers. *Please see the related story with a list of all the nominees for this month.

Joyletta White

“I would like to submit Joyletta White as just one of many people who bring me joy at work,” said Erin Barnett, executive assistant to Tina Bennett. “CMC has been such an amazing place to work, and I am truly thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this team. There are lots of people who bring me joy every day at work, more than I have ever encountered in any of my previous companies, but Joyletta springs to mind first. The word ‘joy’ is literally in her name! She is always upbeat, positive, fun, kind, patient, and she is always, always willing to help at the drop of a hat. She really is the best!”

“I nominate Joyletta from IT, she never fails to uplift and put a smile on everyone’s face when she enters the room,” said Alex Dougherty, Field Operations Supervisor.

“I nominate Joyletta White,” said Desiree Collazo-Soto, Senior Marketing Manager. “With everything she carries on her shoulders, she always flashes a smile, tells a joke and happily assists people. She’s definitely my go to.”

Marie Pontarelli

White and her nominator, Marie Pontarelli, both won a $100 donation to their favorite charity, the coveted CMC Culture Club mug and a $25 gift card for lunch.

“I chose Cradles to Crayons because of the work that they do ,” White said. “They provide children from birth to 12 with the essentials that they need be successful whether they are homeless or low income. One of their values is kids come first and I love that. CMC had the opportunity to participate in a service day there and it was so rewarding to me for our company to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.”

“I chose St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital for my contribution,” Pontarelli said. “I have 10 nieces and nephews and 23 great nieces and nephews. They all had normal births and none have needed the services of this hospital. In a spirit of gratitude, I contribute annually to support families in need.”

White said CMC’s Values that mean the most to her are You Before I, Humbly Serving and Bringing the Energy, Creating a Joyful Workplace.

“There are two CMC Values that are meaningful to me You Before I, which is me every day not only at CMC and the other is Bringing the Energy,” White said. “Everyone deserves to work in a joyful workplace and if I can put a smile on a coworkers face by just saying good morning or something then I have done my part?. I love working at CMC.”

For Pontarelli, Nurturing Our Planet, Building a Sustainable Future, is the CMC Value that resonates with her.

“If we don’t start caring for our planet, no one will have a healthy place to live. We will all be in health crises,” Pontarelli said.

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