You know how a concert or a sports game is just better in person? CMC President & CEO Tina Bennett can tell you it’s the same for talking with employees.

As part of her “Coffee with Tina” tour of the major CMC offices, Bennett visited Illinois last month to share business updates with employees, but more importantly to spend time with employees.

Tina Bennett with our Illinois Customer Care team

“Although you can communicate effectively with tools like Zoom or Teams, there’s a different connection when you can look a person in the eye as you’re speaking with them,” Bennett said. “It was fantastic to be able to spend time with our Illinois team.  Employees are enjoying getting together as well. For example, the ComEd Call Center team in Chicago—who have worked remotely almost exclusively—were thrilled to be in the same room and to get to meet each other in person.”

Bennett provided updates on the company’s recent growth, cybersecurity and safety. Equal time, however, was spent talking about the wins in Illinois and some personal highlights such as customer testimonials about CMC’s work.

Sound interesting? The “Coffee” tour will be making stops at the remainder of the offices this month. Here’s where—and when—Bennett will be visiting an office near you:

  • May 5, Hamilton, New Jersey
  • May 10, Westborough, Massachusetts
  • May 11, Wallingford, Connecticut
  • May 17–20, The Philadelphia Arsenal, Fort Washington and the Poconos PPL office

“We got some great suggestions on how to improve our operations and expand CMC’s brand presence in Illinois,” said Bennett. “I’m just so excited to finally see so many co-workers. It’s really rewarding to me and helps us maintain our culture.”

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