CMC Marketing Manager Jon Curtis always tries to put the customers’ needs first. That’s why he willingly jumped into a project to develop an all-encompassing New Jersey residential energy efficiency program page for CMC’s website.

New Jersey is served by more than a dozen electric, gas and municipal utility companies, and residential customers often find it difficult to determine what energy efficiency services are provided by which utility.

“Customers were either calling in responding to marketing and our outreach and many times we found they didn’t qualify for the program they were calling on,” said Desiree Collazo-Soto, senior marketing manager. “Once we went through the intake process, we would find they qualified for another program, but finding those programs can be confusing for customers.”

Jon Curtis, Marketing Manager, PA

That realization led to discussions about how to better serve New Jersey customers. After weeks of discussions, the team ultimately landed on creating a webpage on CMC’s website specifically for New Jersey customers. The primary objectives for the website were:

  • Positioning CMC as subject matter experts
  • Establishing a one-stop shop for residential customers
  • Creating a source for potential leads for residential programs we serve
  • Enhancing CMC’s brand recognition

“CMC covers nearly—if not—the entire state of New Jersey for utility energy efficiency programs,” Collazo-Soto said. “This site was a means to position ourselves as energy efficiency experts and brand CMC in the market.”

Curtis volunteered to lead the time-consuming, labor-intensive effort to create the new section for the website, which went live on April 1. While there hasn’t been much customer traffic at the site yet, Collazo-Soto said the page will be marketed on a monthly basis with social media campaigns.

“Jon took on this task and worked tirelessly with the website developer making sure every program was properly represented, every link live, capture form was in proper format, which was no small feat,” Collazo-Soto concluded. “Ultimately, our hope is to roll out this format across other key territories, such as in Pennsylvania and Connecticut.”

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