Meet Shaun Loyer, associate program manager working out of New Jersey who has been with CMC since late 2008. Shaun is a native New Jersey resident who lived most of his life in South River, but now lives with his wife, Danielle, son Jackson, and his dog Cullen in Hightstown, N.J.

Shaun came to CMC after finding a job posted by the company. At the time Shaun knew little about the company or the industry; he just had a professional interest in residential construction.

Can you provide me with some quick background about yourself? Where were you born or raised? Any education/degrees/certs?
A native New Jersey resident, I have lived most of my life in South River, a small diverse town in Middlesex County, N.J. My Mother’s side were immigrants from Poland, and South River was where they settled. I am lucky enough to restore and live in the first house purchased by our family in America. I am the sixth generation to live in the home, and we still have the original handwritten mortgage from 1896!

Prior to joining CMC, what did you know about energy efficiency or the industry?
I was familiar with residential energy components but didn’t have a full understanding of building science or the industry until joining CMC.

What made you join CMC?
During the mortgage crisis of 2007–2008, residential home sales plummeted, heavily impacting the Home Inspection Industry. With business down almost 75 percent and requiring travel farther and farther for work, I went in search of a closer work option. I found a job posted by CMC and applied!

What do you like about the work that you do at CMC?
Whether assisting an elderly couple on a fixed income or helping a new family feel more confident in their home energy decisions, it’s the gratification of knowing the positive impact we have on families’ lives and communities.

What do you do for fun? Do you have any hidden talents or interests?
While not a fanatic, I am a baseball and football fan, and you can find me rooting for the Mets and Giants. I enjoy the spring and fall, any outdoor activities, cooking, gardening, attending concerts, playing guitar, classic vehicles, thrifting, and my family. There is never a lack of fun with a 3-year-old and his dog!

Do you have any plans for the holiday/winter?
We spent Thanksgiving with my parents and 96-year-old grandmother – four generations together! We are spontaneous so there are no plans yet for the winter, but I’m sure a snowball fight and sled track in the yard will happen at the first snow.

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