Kate with her cat Newt, aka Newtle Patootle

This month we meet Kate DonCarlos, Program Specialist II, working out of our Illinois location. Kate was born and raised in Ohio and the Air Force, which took her across America before landing in Illinois and joining us at CMC.

Can you provide me with some quick background about yourself? Where were you born or raised? Any education/degrees/certs? Favorite hobby or activity, if you have one.
I was born and raised in Ohio. The Air Force took me to South Carolina and Las Vegas. I have a degree in sciences from Wright State University in Ohio. Some of my hobbies include doing family things with my husband Ryan, stepson Giovanni, and our cat Newt (or Newtle Patootle, my little baby cute-le, as I call him). I do a lot of gaming, baking and crafting. I’m also currently taking ice skating lessons. We also love bowling, we’re definitely a bowling family!

Prior to joining CMC, what did you know of energy efficiency or the industry?
Not much, my background was in public health and medical office management.

What made you join CMC?
I was looking to get out of healthcare when I interviewed Ron (Siddle) my current manager. He was so passionate about what we do and really needed someone organized to help the team. Luckily, organization is my forte!

What do you like about the work that you do at CMC?
I love my team. The Illinois multifamily team is great, as are Ron and Brad. Everyone cares about the work that we do, providing so much help and support.

Ryan, Giovanni and Kate
Good luck in Chicago, Giovanni!

What do you do for fun? Do you have any hidden talents or interests?
Once upon a time, I sang opera for 11 years. I did productions through the Ohio Performing Art Institute, the Dayton Opera Guild, and was accepted into the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music for Classical Performance.

Do you have any plans for the next few months, vacations, etc?
We are in the process of building a house! Because of that, there are no vacation plans on our horizon. My stepson Giovanni is an excellent bowler and is first in the state in his age division (8 and under). He first went to the state championships when he was 5. Soon we’ll be headed to Chicago for the 2022 US Bowling Pepsi Youth State Finals, wish us luck!

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