Chiyanne Wilson, program specialist at Fort Washington, joined CMC in February 2020. Chiyanne was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area for a decade before moving to Georgia and finally relocating to the Philadelphia area. She is currently in the process of earning a degree in Business Administration. Chiyanne is a Golden State Warriors fan; her favorite vacation spot is Florida; and her favorite season is the fall. Some of her interests include: reading thriller novels, sewing, playing video games on her Nintendo Switch and theatre.


Before joining CMC, what did you know about energy efficiency or the industry?

Prior to CMC, I didn’t know much at all about the industry or energy efficiency. This is a new field for me. I’ve learned a lot being here.


Chiyanne, pictured on the far right first-row, with her cast members during group photo for the stage play “A Flea in Her Ear”, by Georges Feydeau.

What attracted you to joining CMC? 

I was referred by a current employee, Geoffrey French. He thought I’d be a good fit.


What do you like about the work that you do at CMC?

I appreciate that our work has real-life benefits for everyday people. We help them save money and hopefully make life a little easier and more convenient for them.


What do you do for fun? Do you have any hidden talents or interests?

I enjoyed theatre very much a few years ago and anticipate getting back into it in the near future. I also enjoy reading and writing. I have a growing stack of Stephen King books that I should stop ignoring.


Fall is around the corner, what are you looking forward to?

Fall weather is my favorite. I’m excited for the fashion and to not feel the urge to rush inside to an air-conditioned facility. I plan on going on more hikes as the weather cools down.


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