“Electrification” is the planned replacement of fossil fuel-burning equipment, like furnaces and gas boilers, with electrically-powered equivalents, such as heat pumps. Electrification is the future of CMC and the country—if not the world. As many states push to decarbonize to eliminate greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming, the transition to a renewable and clean energy future is on its way. Being on the frontlines of this transition is key to CMC’s success, and our Illinois team is leading the way.

The electrified home, using zero fossil fuels.

The Illinois team recently was awarded the ComEd Whole Home Electrification program in partnership with Resource Innovations. This team, led by Program Manager Brad Warrenburg, is now fulfilling a utility contract to install heat pumps and provide whole-home electrification to ComEd income-eligible utility customers.

“The good work this team is doing shows our client that CMC is the company for building electrification.” Warrenburg said. “My vision for our future would be to become a prime contractor and handle all aspects of electrification programs ourselves.”

The team consists of Travis Lennon, field operations supervisor, Rachel Psolka, program specialist III, Brianna Mackey, energy advisor III, Tim Nystrom, energy advisor III, and Devin Pope, energy advisor III. The team will be expanding to include five more CMC staffers, including four new energy advisors and one new program specialist.

To date, the team has met and exceeded all program goals. Since being awarded the program in early 2023, the team has electrified 61 residences. This year the team expects to double that number, totaling more than 130. To help meet these goals, Resource Innovations and ComEd have funneled almost 300 electrification prospects to CMC. Though not all leads will be converted, this volume of opportunities can easily get CMC to meet and even exceed our goals.

New heat pumps in the Illinois program.

In addition to this new program, the team continues to implement the historical ComEd multifamily electrification program. These combined programs are going to keep the Illinois team busy for the foreseeable future.

“This program really opened the door for us,” Warrenburg said. “I’m proud of my team and am glad they are getting the recognition they deserve. I’m excited to see what we can do in the next few years.”

Success for these programs means more opportunities for future electrification programs. CMC can leverage our Illinois success as proof that CMC is able to effectively implement electrification projects as state regulatory authorities continue to require utilities to administer programs to decarbonize homes and buildings.


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