As working from home has become the norm for many of us, the need to create a livable and productive workspace has become more important than ever. These simple tips can help you make the most of your home office, or makeshift home office, without spending a lot of money.

Lighting is key. Low-level and glare-free lighting offers the best overhead illumination for working on your computer. You also can tone down intense ceiling lights by removing some of the light bulbs or fluorescent tubes from existing light fixtures.

Use a Back Pillow. It’s easy to adapt any standard chair to be more comfortable with a simple back pillow. Something as simple as using a standard pillow or rolled up towel can be beneficial.

Hook Up a Second Monitor. Use a second monitor for more screen space, and make sure to elevate your laptop to avoid straining your neck from looking between the two screens.

Prevent Clutter from Building Up. The best way to be clutter free is prevention. Keep a dedicated space for papers, such as a box or basket and place it in your desk or in a cabinet. But really, there’s no trick to it. You need to be committed to avoiding clutter in the first place, and a lot of that comes through sheer willpower.

Invest in Headphones. Although headphones may cost more than the other tips, they serve an important purpose in a home office, especially if you’re working in a small space around others. They can give you privacy to help you focus, and headphones with a microphone will improve video and audio calls for you and the people on the other end.

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