Last month’s Culture Club Challenge turned out to be an excellent adventure for Illinois quality assurance inspector Elizabeth Nystrom, who won $100 in the monthly drawing. The featured Value was Doing It Right (Pursuit of Excellence).

“I chose the Chicago Autism Project because as a mother of a child with autism this organization is very near and dear to my heart,” Nystrom said. “Their mission is helping children and families impacted by autism in the Chicagoland area, with community events, and assisting with therapies for under-resourced families.”

Nystrom said CMC’s Value that means the most to her is Nurturing Our Planet (Building a Sustainable Future) because of her children and her hopes for a bright future for them.

“I find Nurturing Our Planet (Building a Sustainable Future) particularly meaningful because it ties into my choice of charity—as a mother it is important to me to not only protect and guide my children, but also doing my part to help leave them with the healthiest planet possible to live on,” she said.

In addition to the donation to the Chicago Autism Project, Nystrom won a $25 gift card and the limited-edition CMC Culture Club mug.

You could be next winner of the CMC Culture Club drawing. Keep your eyes open for a message in the coming days about this month’s featured value: Bringing the Energy (Creating a Joyful Workplace).

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