Welcome to the first edition of Tech Bytes, your source for IT information from CMC. Here you’ll find some quick snippets of information about all things IT.

Help Us, Help You
IT needs you…to respond to emails about open help desk tickets. IT is experiencing a huge backlog of help desk requests and wants to ensure that the team is working on the most important items, said Jennifer Hyatt, Service Delivery Manager. For example, as of January 31, there were 346 open help desk tickets, By comparison, CMC averaged 80 open help desk tickets pre-Covid. Hyatt noted that there is a recovery plan in place to address the issue, but every employee can help cut down that backlog. Remember, if you get an email from support@cmcenergy, please give it the necessary attention. The IT team will send two reminders about an open ticket. If no reply is received, IT will assume the issue has been resolved and close the ticket. If a ticket is closed prematurely, it can be immediately re-opened.

Check it Twice
Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is coming to CMC for all Salesforce users. In the coming weeks, Salesforce will switch all CMC Salesforce users to MFA to increase the security on the software. As we’ve learned from our cybersecurity training, MFA is another layer of protection for the vital customer information that CMC is entrusted to keep secure.

That’s a Wrap
Contributing to CMC’s increasing support of PSEG in New Jersey, IT recently completed the roll-out of the Home Weatherization Part 1 Project. CMC is providing a variety of services to PSEG including Call Center support, marketing and direct install of energy efficiency services for several programs.

Coming Soon
Exciting changes are coming to SalesForce! Stay tuned for more details regarding the new and improved SalesForce 2.0!

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