Starting this month, CMC employees can start migrating back to the offices with our full new hybrid model to be in place by May 2022.

Managers will have flexibility in what they will require of their teams regarding working in the office versus working from home. Right now, most of the areas are flexing and trying two to three days in the office and the other days at home with the option of changing if business needs are not being met. They also will have a day of overlap with their entire teams to schedule meetings etc. and to help maintain contact, engagement and team collaboration.

Leadership will all be in offices for hub weeks and will not only attend the leadership meeting but also plan for other in-person meetings with their teams.

HR will upgrade the telecommuting agreements with those that need to be updated to reflect what is decided.

We will lift the mandate of wearing masks in the office and social distancing. We will have two exceptions:

  1. If a utility still has more involved protocols than what are required at CMC, we will defer to their protocols for example wearing masks. We will also wear a mask if our customers ask us to, i.e., a tech goes to an appointment and the utility does not demand it, but the homeowner does. We will honor the customer’s request.
  2. We will also ask unvaccinated individuals to wear a mask when in the office, but it will be on an honor system and at their risk.  We will not manage employee compliance and expect non-vaccinated employees to remain masked for their own safety and that of their peers. We will also support anyone that choses to wear a mask regardless of status if it makes them feel safe.

Please be mindful in conference rooms, break rooms and other shared spaces that while masks and social distancing may not be required, CMC will encourage employees to respect their coworkers’ decision to continue masking and distancing as needed.

HR will continue to ask employees completing in-person work and those who are working a hybrid schedule to complete the Daily Self Certification Survey via Qualtrics – we plan on doing this thru the end of August. This will enable us to support the CDC guidelines as stated and will help us notice if we have any blips regarding an uptick in an area with any covid cases.

  • Only employees who are 100% remote are no longer required to provide daily self-certification responses.  This will be decided on by program managers for each service area.
  • Utility contract requirements supersede CMC policy and program managers should follow their contract requirements as necessary.

We will update our COVID playbook to reflect this info and publish it for everyone to have.

We will make sure we have a regular cleaning and disinfecting schedules for all locations in place to ensure our workplaces stay safe.

Additionally, our original Coronavirus Leave Policy ends March 31st and we will not be extending it any further.

  • Time away from work due to COVID related events will need to be covered using PTO in accordance with the PTO policy.
  • COVID related events and time off should not be considered occurrences under the Absenteeism policy.
  • Employees will continue to be required to furnish a full duty work release from their physician prior to returning to work after 3 days or exposure to COVID.
  • HR will continue to track positive COVID cases and vacation travel via Qualtrics.
  • Supervisors will be coordinating employees return to work after close contact and travel.
  • All medical documentation should remain confidential and be submitted to HR for the employee file.

Please reach out to HR with any questions or concerns as we move forward with this transition.

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