On the road again. That’s where CMC President & CEO Tina Bennett was for a good portion of May as she visited offices in Massachusetts, New Jersey and Pennsylvania as part of the “Coffee with Tina” tour.

During her visits, Bennett provided updates on the company’s recent growth—and some of the challenges that rapid expansion created—cybersecurity and employee safety. She also took time to acknowledge promotions, significant anniversaries and even some news of merging and expanding families.

CMC Pocono Location

“It was exhilarating to finally be able to see CMC co-workers in person,” Bennett said. “You could feel the employees’ excitement at each of the events. It felt a little bit like the first day of school when you get to see friends you haven’t seen during the summer. I literally saw people hugging who’d only met each other virtually during COVID. That was so special.”

Bennett also fielded questions from employees during the chats focusing on a variety of topics, including queries about in-person holiday celebrations & community service events, PTO buybacks, paternity leave for employees, company cars for CMC and even what she likes to do in her spare time. For a quick recap of her responses, Bennett noted that:

  • CMC would love to have in-person holiday celebrations & community service events again, but no decision has been made as we cautiously return to the office.
  • Paid time off is an important part of work/life balance and that CMC urges employees to use their vacation time.
  • Human Resources is actively reviewing its parental leave benefits and more will be shared once that process is complete.
  • CMC regularly revisits the need for company cars and is reviewing the benefits of this type of program. The project was put on hold due to supply chain issues around vehicles. We will continue to review options and opportunities for company vehicles.
  • Finally, beyond spending time with family, golfing is one of her favorite leisure activities.

For employees who were not able to attend any of the sessions, a condensed recording of the event is available here.

And, Bennett’s travels aren’t complete. She’ll be in Connecticut on June 8 for the last Coffee with Tina event.

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