Thank you to everyone who participated in the discussion about racial awareness in June. We had an honest and candid conversation where many members of our CMC family shared their heart-touching stories.

“I was really impressed with our team members enthusiasm, openness and interest in continuing our conversation about racial discrimination, said Tina Bennett, President and CEO. “Nearly 90 percent of those who participated in June felt that the meeting was valuable – and 100 percent of participants said they’d join us again for another conversation. This really shows how committed our CMC family is to support diversity and create a joyful workplace. I’m proud that CMC is living its values.”

To support this ongoing conversation, CMC will create an I.D.E.A.s (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access) Council to make our discussions not only meaningful, but also actionable. The Council’s purpose is to identify issues and opportunities related to diversity, vet ideas and identify steps that CMC can take to address racism and other equity issues.

The Council will serve as a voice for change with the purpose of helping CMC continue to cultivate a culture where employees can be their whole self at work, while feeling nurtured and valued regardless of race, gender, age, education, sexual orientation, or economic status. The I.D.E.A.s Council will be a critical part of CMC’s diversity efforts, including helping to cultivate a culture of inclusion and access and encouraging other CMC team members to be a part of the conversation.

Does the I.D.E.A.s Council sound like something you’re interested in? If so, you are in luck! We are seeking a group of five to six volunteers across functional areas and offices to participate. The time requirement will be approximately one to two hours per month. Please contact Lauren Verbrugge by September 14 if you’re interested.

One of the first actions the Council will take is to help schedule a second meeting in early October for employees to discuss their experiences with racism. More details to come.




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