Yalesville, Connecticut (October 15, 2018) — CMC Energy Services, a premier woman-owned company offering energy efficiency services for residents and businesses throughout New England, the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest, announced today an agreement to acquire ECS Aeroseal, a certified building performance contractor that offers Aeroseal duct-sealing services.

The acquisition of ECS Aeroseal enables CMC Energy Services to expand the breadth of energy-efficiency services for homeowners and businesses in Connecticut by offering an innovative approach to duct sealing.

“CMC Energy Services is always looking for innovative ways to reduce energy use and better serve our clients,” said Eileen McGinnis, CMC Energy Services President and CEO. “As we expand our energy efficiency offerings to new industries and new locations, we look forward to leveraging the ECS Aeroseal team’s talents and technologies to the benefit of our residential, multifamily and commercial customers. It’s important to us that our customers have a variety of cost-effective ways to conserve energy.”

ECS Aeroseal offers a unique approach to prevent the energy waste caused by poorly sealed ductwork. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, on average 30-40 percent of air that passes through a typical duct system is lost. Buildings with duct leakage rates of 15 percent are estimated to consume 40-percent more power for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

ECS Aeroseal is an approved dealer of Aeroseal, a non-toxic aerosol mist that fills, on average, 95 percent of cracks and holes in new and existing air duct systems. Traditional duct sealing requires tearing down walls to patch hidden ductwork. ECS Aeroseal technicians employ a computer-controlled system to detect and plug air leaks. Use of Aeroseal results in average energy savings of 15 to 30 percent and prevents the circulation of dust, pests and other air contaminants.

“ECS Aeroseal is excited to join CMC Energy Services. Our combined teams will provide Connecticut customers with unparalleled energy efficiency results,” said Bill Henne who, along with son Tucker Henne, has served as owner of ECS Aeroseal since the company was founded in 2010. “Since we began to offer Aeroseal duct sealing, we have seen the technology improve how contractors install new ductwork and repair existing ventilation shafts and duct systems. We are confident that adding Aeroseal to the CMC toolbox will position CMC Energy Services as the leading energy efficiency services provider in Connecticut.”

CMC Energy Services and ECS Aeroseal are authorized program contractors for the Connecticut Home Energy Solutions Program. CMC Energy Services installs energy efficiency measures in more than 25,000 single-family and 4,000 multifamily homes annually through Energize Connecticut programs. The five ECS Aeroseal employees joining CMC Energy Services bring expertise in residential, multifamily, commercial and municipal buildings.

“With the addition of ECS Aeroseal, CMC Energy Services builds upon the energy efficiency toolbox we offer Connecticut’s Home Energy Solutions Program,” said Joseph Roy, CMC Energy Services Connecticut Branch Manager. “Thoroughly sealing ductwork is essential to ensure Connecticut households and businesses save energy, lower their bills, maintain a healthy home and stay comfortable in every season.”

About CMC Energy Services
CMC Energy Services’ mission is to promote energy efficiency nationwide. Its programs provide broad economic, energy, environmental, public health and employment benefits on a national level. It is our goal to see regulators, energy providers, and companies such as ours work together to deliver these results.

For more information, visit www.cmcenergy.com/ct.

About ECS Aeroseal
ECS Aeroseal specializes in residential and commercial energy savings solutions. The business services include Aeroseal duct sealing, building code compliance testing, energy audits, project consulting and more. ECS Aeroseal is an authorized program contractor for the Home Energy Solutions programs offered by United Illuminating and Eversource.

For more information, visit www.ecs-aeroseal.com.


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