Ft. Washington, Pennsylvania (February 12, 2020) — CMC Energy Services is proud to announce that it has successfully exceeded its CO2 reduction goals for 2019, decreasing carbon emissions by more than 203 million pounds. CMC programs saved more than 3,000,000 pounds of emissions over its ambitious goal of 200 million pounds, and it’s the second year that the organization has exceeded its goal. CMC’s success is a direct result of the work that it does each day in partnership with utility companies, and the dedication of its field and administrative team members.

This exciting achievement makes a significant environmental impact and is the equivalent of:

  • Removing the greenhouse gas emissions from 19,630 cars for a year
  • Changing out 3,512,323 incandescent lightbulbs for LEDs
  • Stopping CO2 emissions from 10,403,475 gallons of gasoline consumed
  • Eliminating 229,418,560 miles driven by passenger cars
Tina Bennett, President & CEO

Although these statistics are impressive, the work that CMC Energy does goes beyond just numbers. These results are critical to the health of local communities and the planet and will positively affect the lives of people across the country.

“CMC is proud to be able to hit our CO2 reduction goal because it helps improve air quality and cut down on our impact on the environment,” said CMC President and CEO Tina Bennett. “Passing our emissions reduction goal wouldn’t be possible without the assistance of our utility partners, the dedication of our field staff and the unseen contributions of our back-office personnel.”

“This is a fine example of the CMC team living our value of Nurturing Our Planet and demonstrates the impact we can have on the environment,” she added.

So, what does it mean for our families, neighborhoods and planet when carbon emissions are reduced?

There are many good reasons to promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Air Quality

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), air quality in many urban environments causes premature deaths because of asthma, cardiovascular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer and dementia, which are all associated with emissions. The cost of air pollution is more than $3 trillion a year and continues to increase every year. Reducing CO2 provides significant support to increase air quality in urban environments and reduce health issues and cost, making a difference and improving air quality for future generations.

Climate Change

There are many potential benefits associated with limiting climate change. The average global temperature set new record highs and continues to increase. Recently, the concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere have been steadily increasing – and so have the number of weather and climate disasters, costing more than $1 billion.  With the ongoing destruction of the Amazon rainforest, the decline of the Great Barrier Reef and Antarctic glaciers melting – the effects of climate change are daunting. With each pound of CO2 we can reduce, we are taking steps to protect these vital resources.

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