In response to increased business that will lead to the hiring of at least 40 new employees, nationally recognized energy efficiency company CMC Energy Services has recently moved to a new office in Hamilton, N.J. The 15,000-square-foot office, which supports energy efficiency programs for New Jersey Comfort Partners, PSEG, Atlantic City Electric and South Jersey Industries, nearly quadruples the size of its former office in Cranbury, N.J.

“For the past four years, we have experienced consistent, year-over-year growth,” said CEO Tina Bennett. “Our utility partners’ efforts to increase program adoption have led to significant savings for the customers who need it most – as well as over 700 million pounds in reduced carbon emissions.”

The New Jersey expansion is consistent with CMC’s growth pattern and across the clean energy industry. As a whole, the clean energy market has grown every year since 2016, when the publication of the E2 Clean Jobs America Report began. According to the annual report, clean energy industries employed approximately three times more workers than fossil fuels did in 2019, and until COVID-19, had been one of the nation’s fastest-growing sectors, employing nearly 3.4 million workers nationwide.

Operations Director Michael Sanjek explains, “As our program offerings have increased in New Jersey, so has our need for space. The new facility’s amenities will enable us to better serve our utility partners, and its proximity to public transportation is an added bonus, especially for new hires who may not have access to a car.”

Utility partners of CMC are frequently lauded for customer service; a key differentiator for CMC Energy Services in the field. Bennett hopes to attract at least 40 new hires in New Jersey who share CMC’s passion for exceptional customer experiences.

Bennett shares, “We are proud of CMC’s culture, competitive wages, training program, and perhaps most of all, the fulfillment that comes with a career in clean energy. Not only do we benefit the environment – our team directly impacts the lives of consumers every day.”

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