FORT WASHINGTON, Pa., May 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Summer is fast approaching and as temperatures rise, so will electric bills. Most people use electricity to cool their homes and with that comes higher bills. CMC Energy Services works with several local utilities to offer free services to help seniors keep monthly bills low.

Few groups will be harder hit by bill increases than the elderly. Nationally, 56 million senior citizens — approximately 30 percent of whom live on a fixed income — are already feeling the effects of inflation, which has steadily risen during the past year. To add to the burden, adults above 65 are more likely to live in poverty than younger adults, according to Census Bureau data.

Help is available, though, for the elderly — and other lower- and middle-income homeowners and renters. Seniors interested in lowering monthly bills should consider a home energy assessment, which is free for income-eligible customers. Energy assessments are available from every utility company and requesting a home visit is as simple as a telephone call.

During an energy assessment, a well-vetted, experienced professional will assess each property’s ability to contain cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. Following the assessment, the energy advisor will suggest to the customer ways to save money by improving the air seal on their homes and/or find other energy efficiency suggestions.

Many energy assessments include free items, such as LED lights, faucet aerators and energy-efficient power strips. An assessment can save a homeowner anywhere from 10-15 percent off their monthly energy costs.

To contact a local energy company to arrange an energy assessment, visit its website and search for “energy assessments.”

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