About CMC Energy Services

Bringing today’s energy technology to yesteryear’s homes—paid for by tomorrow’s energy savings.

Since 1977, CMC has helped over 350,000 residential and commercial customers reduce their energy bills by 20% to 40%. We have trained more than 2,000 auditors in 46 states and have been awarded more than 100 residential energy efficiency programs for utilities and government agencies. A seminal force in the industry, our reputation is synonymous with effective leadership and quality.

“From our track record of competency, efficiency, and reliability, today we are building a company that strives toward quality and community. Our theme is creative collaboration with the communities we serve.”
— Mimi Iklé-Khalsa,
Chairman of the Board/Majority Owner

Founder Doris Iklé’s legacy was to address our energy challenge with a practical and effective conservation strategy. As we enter a new era for CMC and look toward to the future, we strive toward a new creative collaboration with the industry.

Our Mission

A certified Women’s Business Enterprise, CMC is dedicated to furthering our national interest in energy conservation. Our programs provide broad economic, energy, environmental, public health, and employment benefits at a national level. It is our goal to see regulators, energy providers, and companies like ours working together to deliver these results. We are dedicated to saving more energy and reaching more homes more cost effectively than any other program in the nation.

A Vision for the Future

Through measurable results, we see the impact of our programs across the nation. As the energy efficiency industry matures into a model that all Americans can understand and support, CMC has the capacity to lead the way with unparalleled programs:

  • energy conservation program management
  • educational programs
  • customer service administration
  • direct installations
  • energy assessments and instant upgrades