Ensuring the highest quality standards for your work

Your utility’s reputation depends on delivering quality audits and installations for your customers, which can be a challenge for even the most experienced technical teams.

That’s where CMC’s quality assurance and quality control inspectors come in.

Our BPI-certified technicians ensure that any work performed for your customers meets or exceeds utility program guidelines, manufacturer specs and safety standards—and that the most sensible energy-efficiency solutions are chosen for each home.

Able to meet the technical demands of virtually any type of program, our QA/QC teams can adapt quickly to your evolving needs, installing the corrective measures needed to deliver even more energy savings.

Working well together is key. Crossing training is huge for us. Being a strong team also means allowing your people to make the decisions they need to make. We encourage independent thought with some follow up in place. It’s about listening to your employees—sometimes they can find a way to do things better.”

– Blake Cole, Regional Quality Assurance Manager