Custom solutions for programs in any market

To manage an effective energy efficiency program, you need a partner that understands the unique challenges of each market your program serves, whether it’s residential, multifamily, small business or income-eligible.

That understanding is one of the things that sets CMC apart.

With proven experience in all major utility markets, our expert teams will help you navigate through any obstacles that come your way as you deliver your program.

Working with your staff, trade allies, and other partners, CMC will provide flexible solutions that deliver energy savings and strengthen your utility’s brand in places where you live and work.

Residential – With technical expertise, practical experience, and emotional intelligence, CMC Residential teams deliver quality work, energy savings, and delighted customers. CMC will help your utility look good in your neighborhood.
Multifamily – Multifamily units face unique barriers to customer participation that can put a damper on your energy savings numbers. CMC will help you overcome those hurdles so all of your customers can benefit from your Multifamily programs.
Small Business – Saving energy can have a big impact on a small businesses. But no two businesses are alike: to provide real value for your customers, you need to understand the wide range of challenges each faces. CMC’s proven, flexible solutions will help your small business customers survive and thrive.
Income Eligible – Helping low-income households make their energy bills more affordable has been at the heart of our mission since the day we were founded. No company has CMC’s combination of skill, experience, and mission – and you need all three to effectively serve this important market segment.