Education: The key to long-term energy savings

Education might be the most important ingredient to delivering sustainable energy savings for your utility program – but it will only work if it’s based on a deep understanding of your customers.

Grounded in 40 years of field experience, CMC’s approach to education focuses on empowering your customers to take an active role in their own energy-savings journey.

From initial outreach through post-installation follow-ups, our Customer Care and technical teams provide easy-to-understand explanations of energy-reduction concepts, helping your customers to adopt new energy-saving habits that will last for years to come.

Our Approach to Customer Education

Audit-day “Table Sessions”

One-on-one discussions explain installed measures and encourage energy conservation behaviors

Marketing Materials

Utility-branded leave-behind packets address a range of home energy efficiency issues

Follow-Up Engagement

Ongoing follow-ups for up to 12 months after measure installation include letters and phone calls to review audit results and behaviors