Services that drive peak performance for your program

Whether you need a partner to manage your energy efficiency program, a skilled team of field technicians, or a program designed from the ground-up that includes all of these features and more, CMC Energy can find a high-value solution for your utility.

Read more about the services we provide in the links below – or contact us today to see how we can help supercharge your program delivery.

What CMC Can Do For You

Customer acquisition

Data-driven insights, powerful technology, and extensive experience help us to identify and prioritize your leads quickly and efficiently.

Customer engagement

Ongoing outreach helps us to improve program participation, enhance your utility’s brand reputation, and deliver an exceptional experience for your customers.

Energy audits

Comprehensive onsite evaluations by BPI-certified auditors help us maximize energy savings in every household you serve – including income-eligible and multifamily units.


BPI-trained technicians perform safe, expert audit-day installations and manage trade specialists to schedule deeper follow-up measures.

QA/QC inspections

Quality assurance and control technicians make sure that work performed in your customers’ homes complies with all safety, regulatory and program specifications.

Customer education

Ongoing education helps to change customer behaviors, generate referrals and create excitement about program participation.


Customizable weekly, monthly, annual and on-demand reporting options help you to quickly see and anticipate micro and macro trends and opportunities.