CMC Provides High-Quality Energy Efficiency Services Across the U.S.

Dedicated to helping utilities and government agencies achieve significant, sustainable energy reduction.

Since 1977, CMC Energy Services has successfully implemented and managed high-quality energy efficiency programs throughout the United States. We do this by partnering with utilities and their customers.

Many companies and contractors offer energy efficiency services as an offshoot business. But our entire organization is dedicated solely to providing award-winning, cost-effective energy savings.

Ambitious energy & money saving goals

We design, implement, and manage exemplary energy efficiency programs and have become a go-to resource for projects that demand solid results.

CMC satisfies the demands of all of our clients and customers because we have created one of the highest quality and most effective energy conservation programs in the country. We:

  • Design and conduct custom audit programs that deliver results
  • Train auditors, seal-up specialists, and post-installation inspectors that then become your company’s own energy efficiency team
  • Administer programs for targeted households with participation and implementation tracking and reporting
  • Manage contractors for large-scale energy efficiency programs
  • Provide post-installation inspections for CMC and third-party jobs
  • Staff and maintain customer call center and tech support lines representing your utility or government department
  • Evaluate renewable technology potential for sites before work begins
  • Develop and maintain customer databases to implement, support, track, and evaluate customer participation
  • Provide appliance removal and recycling

As you can see, we do quite a lot for our customers and clients — far more than most other companies who offer energy efficiency services. Yet while we can offer one service affordably to a homeowner, we can scale the scope of our services to provide a tremendous range of support to the largest utilities and government agencies in America.

Each job, no matter how small or large, has the two same primary goals: to save as much energy and money as possible for every home and business before we are done.

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