Just as your car’s dashboard delivers critical information about your car’s performance, a business dashboard can do the same for many business applications. CMC’s new Energy Reduction Management System (ERMS) Dashboard is a powerful and comprehensive visual front end to the company’s inhouse CRM system. The ERMS Dashboard is easy to use and delivers easy-to-read graphics for each and every program. Having data readily available and in graphic form is an extremely valuable tool to managers, both in the field and in the office.

CMC’s ERMS Dashboard provides users with the ability to easily view and plot key data from any location on any device — from smart phones and tablets to PCs and laptops. Users can click to get real-time updates on the number and types of audits in progress, current program billings or any other data tracked within the ERMS.

According to Michele Tyson, a senior training manager in IT at CMC, “Seeing data this way can help a user not just see data, but to quickly understand what it means — a distinct benefit for managers on both sides of the client relationship.”

“CMC’s ERMS Dashboard will be a big help to utility program managers or our own internal program managers, because it will help them visualize vital information at a glance,” says Tyson. By visually depicting data, the ERMS Dashboard will allow managers to identify correlations, trends and patterns they might otherwise miss, which will enable them not only to judge past performance, but also to take any needed preemptive measures. “The ERMS Dashboard doesn’t just give information, it will help provide insight,” says Tyson. “A manager can see if he’s on target with his goal and understand how to get back on track if needed. That can be tremendously valuable.”

“We can scale and customize these tools for any CMC client,” says Dawn Seifried, CMC’s chief financial officer. “ERMS and the ERMS Dashboard can collect and plot almost any kind of data. We have the ability to customize either tool to include anything a manager cares most about.”

Whatever data it’s asked to plot, one thing is certain: with its slick interface and powerful graphics and visualization tools, the ERMS Dashboard will leave an impression on anyone who uses it. “It definitely provides a WOW! factor,” says Tyson.

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