Bridgeport, Connecticut (January 30, 2019) — CMC Energy Services completed an overhaul of the lighting equipment at Trumbull Gardens, an income-eligible community. The project, funded through a partnership between the Park City Communities and United Illuminating (UI), a subsidiary of AVANGRID, Inc., is expected to help Park City Communities reduce their energy costs, improve visibility in poorly lit areas, and reduce annual lighting-related maintenance expenses.

“Replacing close to 1,300 fixtures with brighter, more energy-efficient LED bulbs enhances visibility and public safety at Trumbull Gardens and saves money,” said Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim. “I thank CMC Energy Services, United Illuminating and Park City Communities for their perseverance in getting this project accomplished and look forward to the weatherization of all the units beginning this year. Improving the quality of life for Bridgeport residents, while being more environmentally conscious, continues our progress forward.”

The collaboration between UI and Park City Communities covered the full costs for CMC Energy Services to replace inefficient outdoor and common area lighting throughout the Trumbull Gardens complex.

“CMC Energy Services has provided energy efficiency upgrades for the owners and residents of more than 400 Connecticut multifamily complexes over the past decade. The project at Trumbull Gardens is by far the largest lighting retrofit we have completed to date. We expect the project to save more than $70,000 in energy costs” said Joe Roy, CMC Energy Services Connecticut Branch Manager. “For those on our team who are from the Bridgeport area, myself included, it is truly rewarding knowing that our overhaul of the Trumbull Gardens’ common area and outdoor lighting will generate lasting benefits for community residents.”

Through the Home Energy Solutions-Income Eligible (HES-IE) program, UI contributed $208,000 toward upgrading indoor lighting at two high-rise towers in the 414-unit Trumbull complex. The UI incentive afforded Park City Communities with the opportunity to install ENERGY STAR® certified lighting throughout Trumbull Gardens’ outdoor and common areas.

The new lighting fixtures are expected to improve visibility on the property and help to reduce safety concerns in the neighborhood.

“United Illuminating is constantly looking for cost-effective ways to help renters and homeowners reduce energy bills by making their homes more energy efficient,” said Maritza Estremera, Program Administrator for UI. “United Illuminating is grateful to CMC Energy Services for identifying this opportunity at Trumbull Gardens. In addition to generating energy savings and related environmental benefits, the lighting upgrade improves the overall quality and safety of UI customers’ homes.”

Previous studies found significant safety improvements in housing developments with new LED street lights. A Crime Lab New York study released last year found that installing high-efficiency lighting across nearly 80 public housing developments in New York City contributed to a 39 percent drop in nighttime, outdoor crime incidents. Bridgeport police operate a community policing station at Trumbull Gardens.

The installation of more than 1,280 ENERGY STAR-certified LED lighting fixtures will reduce resident energy costs and help to lower maintenance costs by preventing the need for lighting replacements. Trumbull Gardens will avoid more than 386,000 kWh in electricity use.

“With the help of CMC Energy Services, an upgrade of lighting within the complex was perfectly timed to coincide with planned maintenance at Trumbull Gardens. This project permitted Park City Communities to continue with various capital initiatives to improve security and quality of life for the residents of Trumbull Gardens,” said Diedra Perry, Interim Director of Asset Management for Park City Communities. “We are grateful that United Illuminating and the City of Bridgeport are able to collaborate for the benefit of our residents.”

“We appreciate the commitment of UI toward assisting this agency in improving security and in working towards reducing our carbon footprint,” said James Slaughter, Interim Executive Director for Park City Communities.

CMC Energy Services specializes in strategies to improve the livability, affordability and value of multifamily buildings in Connecticut, providing weatherization and energy efficiency upgrades in more than 30,000 individual units over the past decade.

Income-eligible properties can receive energy-efficiency services at no- or low-cost. Services include the installation of high-efficiency insulation, water conservation improvements, and LED fixtures in common as well as exterior areas.

“Tremendous energy-saving opportunities are found within multifamily communities. At CMC Energy Services, we specialize in developing the trust and relationships necessary to renovate multifamily buildings while minimizing disruption to the lives of tenants,” Roy said. “No project is too large or too small.”

Property owners or municipalities interested in working with CMC Energy Services to improve the energy efficiency of their multifamily buildings should contact Glenn Forslund, Multifamily Energy Advisor, at gforslund@cmcenergy.com or (203)257-3111.

For more about this story, check out the article from the Connecticut Post.

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CMC Energy Services’ mission is to promote energy efficiency nationwide. Its programs provide broad economic, energy, environmental, public health and employment benefits on a national level. It is our goal to see regulators, energy providers, and companies such as ours work together to deliver these results.

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