Data breaches are becoming more frequent and unsuspecting users are more vulnerable than ever before. When one click can cost thousands, and even millions of dollars, users need actionable to-do’s that can help them stay alert and safe.

Clicking Without Thinking Is Reckless

Just because you can click, doesn’t mean you should. Remember, it can cost you a hefty sum. Malicious links can do damage in several different ways, so be sure to inspect links and ensure they’re from trusted senders before clicking.

Look Out for Phishing Scams

In a phishing attack, a hacker will pose as someone that the recipient may be familiar with to trick them into opening a malicious link, divulging important credentials or opening software that infects the recipient’s system with a virus. The best way to be on the lookout for phishing scams is by avoiding emails from unfamiliar senders, looking for grammatical errors or any inconsistencies in the email that looks suspicious and hovering over any link you receive to verify what the destination is.

Connect Securely

Cyber security tips about this have been dished out by nearly every tech expert under the sun, but many still don’t follow this advice. You might be tempted to connect your device to an unsecured connection, but when you weigh the consequences, it’s just not worth it. Only connect to private networks when possible, especially when handling sensitive information.

Ultimately, when in doubt, contact the IT Department for guidance. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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