Did you know June is National Safety Month? Throughout the month, companies of all sizes should allocate time to review internal safety policies and practices, review safety messages and make sure that all employees are actively practicing safety protocols. To aid this effort The National Safety Council is highlighting a different free topic each of the four weeks of June.

Week 1: Emergency Preparedness – Although we never expect to have an emergency, knowing what to do and how best to navigate the situation can save the lives of all involved. Would you know what to do?

Week 2: Slips, Trips and Falls – Minor accidents like slips and falls are the most common type of worker’s comp claim. Prevent yourself from harm by taking the extra time to make sure work areas are clear of debris, dry and easy to navigate.

Week 3: Heat-Related Illnesses – This one is particularly important for CMC field staff in the summer months. Unventilated attics and crawlspaces can reach temperatures of 150°F. Knowing how to stay cool, remain hydrated and recognize the signs of heat stress can save your life and prevent avoidable injuries on the job.

Week 4: Hazard Recognition – A critical element of any effective safety policy is a proactive, ongoing process (and training) to identify and assess hazards. Once you become familiar with hazards you may encounter, it becomes commonplace to identify and mitigate these hazards.

The National Safety Council is America’s leading nonprofit safety advocate for more than 100 years and focuses on areas it can make the greatest safety impact: workplace, roadways and other impairments. NSC helps employers and employees create a culture of safety that employees can use on the job and at home.

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