Although December is the month most people think of chimneys (we hope Santa was good to you!), CMC Energy Services professionals understand the year-round importance of a home’s chimney and the necessity for its safe upkeep.

The CMC mirror – for more than just looking good.

Chimney blockage or misalignment can lead to exhaust gasses backing up and entering the home through the draft hood, said Steven Cobb, PECO LIURP program manager.

“This is a very dangerous situation, so our technicians do a variety of tests to ensure that this is not happening and occupants are safe,” Cobb said. “There are several ways to test for this problem, but some are expensive and complicated, and others, like using smoke from a smolder wick, do a good job of showing leaking gasses, but leave the house smelling bad.”

The mirror in use to check for exhaust leaks.

Cobb and his team use mirrors to detect spillage. According to Cobb, by holding the mirror at the edge of the draft hood, a technician can visually confirm whether or not exhaust is spilling out of the system by identifying any condensation on the glass surface.

“If condensation is observed, they know there is a problem and more extensive testing can be done to locate the problem so the source of the issue can be fixed,” Cobb added.

Through an initiative created by Cobb, all CMC field staff are trained in detecting gas spillage and they receive a CMC-branded spillage mirror. If you need a mirror, contact Cobb.

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